Bakery Style Pastry & Swiss Roll Making Course

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Euphoria Live Classes presents Bakery Style Pastry & Swiss Roll Making Course for 5 Days. It is completely a professional course. Anyone can start a pastry-making business after doing this course.

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Course Details:

  • Course Fees: 349/-
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Each Class Duration: 60 to 90 min

Course Modules:


Chocolate Mango Delight Pastry:
  • Bakery Style Chocolate Sponge Making (Premix)
  • Discussed Vanilla Sponge & Coffee Sponge
  • Perfect Baking Temperature & Time (OTG / Microwave / Gas)
  • Sponge Layering Technique
  • Whipping Cream Beating Technique
  • Icing & Frosting Technique
  • Cutting in Pastry Shape
  • Decoration Technique
  • Glazing Technique


Chocolate Truffle Pastry:
  • Sheet Making
  • Round Shape Cutting Technique
  • Chocolate Garnishing Toppers Making
  • Chocolate Truffle Pastry Making
  • Truffle Sauce Making
  • Icing & Frosting Technique
  • Decoration 


Swiss Roll Making:
  • Kesar-Elaichi Sponge Making
  • Ganache Preparation
  • Swiss Roll Making
  • Swiss Roll Filling, Cutting & Setting Technique
  • Decoration
Black Current Log Pastry:
  • Icing Teaching
  • Sponge Rolling Technique
  • Cutting Technique
  • Black Current Log Pastry


Kesar-Elaichi Pastry:
  • Homemade Chocolate Sponge Making
  • Discussed Vanilla Sponge Making
  • Semi-Circle Shape Cutting Technique
  • Icing & Decoration
  • Kesar-Elaichi Pastry Making
Vanilla-Strawberry Rounder:
  • Icing & Decoration
  • Vanilla-Strawberry Rounder


Chocolate Coffee-Caramel Pastry:
  • Icing & Decoration
  • Chocolate Coffee-Caramel Pastry

Language of Teaching:

  • Hindi

Extra Learning:

  • Marketing & Selling Guide

What you get from us:

  1. Live Class & Zoom Recording (Lifetime)
  2. PDF (English) Course Materials
  3. Course Completion Certificate in digital form.
  4. Guide on buying ingredients & tools
  5. Community Support

Payment Options:

Google Pay / Phone Pay / Paytm:

Monalisa Sarkar – 6294822573

Bank Details:
Monalisa Sarkar
HDFC Bank (Current Account)
A/C No.: 50200060217322
IFSC Code: HDFC0005439

Joining Procedure:

  1. Make a payment of the course fees
  2. Share the Payment Receipt on WhatsApp (7001770056)  
  3. We will add you to a paid WhatsApp Group
  4. PDFs & Videos will be accessible through Euphoria Live Classes App 
  5. The certificate will be shared after the course finished



Note: Class timings and Dates may change with the decision of Euphoria Live Classes at any time with two hours prior notice. Once the Course Fees are paid should not refund back.


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