Euphoria Live Classes ensure a money guarantee to the participants. Money (Course Fees) will be refunded if the below situation arises:

1. If someone paid fees, for any reason, for the same course more the one, we will refund back the extra amount within 2 days of the payment. And it will be chargeable, if any, according to the respective payment gateway. 

2. If we cancel any course, we will refund back the entire course fees for the same course within two days of the cancellation of the course. But in this situation, if anyone wants to adjust their Course Fees with another course, we will adjust it according to their choice.

We do not refund course fees:

1. If anyone paid for the course fees and joined to the respective paid WhatsApp Group, will not be refunded back the course fees, otherwise the course is not canceled by Euphoria Live Classes.

You can always contact us for any refund at call us on 7001770056